Start enjoying the pleasure of electric driving now!

Powerful Design, High Performance, Economical Driving

  • Skywell Long Range redefines your expectations of an automobile with its minimalist and powerful design, as well as its dimensions that go beyond its segment, both inside and outside.
  • 642km WLTP With the Skywell Long Range offering city range, there’s no such thing as a distant place. Get ready for superior performance even in challenging conditions, thanks to its 150 kW motor power and 320 Nm torque.

Environment-Friendly Performance from Every Angle

  • Skywell Long Range opens the doors to a sustainable future with its 100% electric high-performance motor.
  • Offering a peaceful and noise pollution-free adventure both inside the vehicle and to the environment around you, with its silent driving experience.
  • We offer the privilege of owning a 100% eco-friendly car when charged with renewable energy sources.

Skywell contributes 86% to our sustainable future through standard energy usage.

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